Homework Zone

The Homework Zone

The Homework Zone is a resource that is offered to grade nine students who struggle academically. Academic grades are reviewed when progress reports and report cards are distributed. Any student who is not successfully passing a class may be required to attend the Homework Zone until they have demonstrated academic progress in all classes. Homework Zone meets once a week or at point of need. Students who attend will benefit from one on one organizational skills, study skills, project assistance and parent/teacher progress meetings. Assistant Principal, Mrs. Paula Maxwell supervises the program and will assist your child to ensure that your child is academically successful at B-RRHS.


Student Testimonials

"Homework Zone had helped me to go from 3 F's to none in a matter of months."-Brendan

"Homework Zone" has helped me keep on task and writing my homework in my agenda and made me more cooperative in class."-Justin

"It helped me focus more on my homework with the yellow sheet, and Mrs. Maxwell trying so hard to help me." -Sarah

"Homework Zone has helped me realize how I was doing in school."-Nick

"I think Homework Zone has helped me very much because it helped me know that I have mnay more homework assignments than I thought I did."-Cecilia

"Homework Zone has helped me with my homework skills and I have been doing better on quizzes and test and getting my homework done."-Anthony

"This program has made me a better student and showed me how much homework does count towards your grade."-Austin

"Homework Zone has helped me become more organized and productive when it comes to work at home."-Jake