On Friday, June 16, 2017, 2017-2018 bus route information for all current BRRSD students will be uploaded to the Parent Portal at 3:00 p.m. All incoming Kindergarten student transportation information will be sent out via email as well as through the U.S. Postal Service. We ask that the parents/guardians of all bus students please review the 2017 -2018 bus stop locations and times. Please note that the bus routes have been reviewed by Lucini Bus Lines and the BRRSD Central Office Administrative Team, were driven and observed by the bus drivers, and were further reviewed by safety officials. Based upon the recommendations of these individuals, changes have been made as means of ensuring the safety of our bus students.

Requesting Volunteers

Thank you for reaching out to our school for student volunteers. My name is Paula Maxwell and I am the Community Service Administrator at Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School. B-R has a new Community Service graduation requirement and I will do my best to outline how we will channel requests for volunteers.

Our service requirement began with the Class of 2015. The students are required to complete 15 hours of community service per year. We hope that this will help our students be more community-minded as well as expose them to new career paths. Just imagine the positive impact on our communities with our students helping out!

If you have opportunities available for our teens to volunteer I would need to know what the service would entail and need to know if there are any age, training or skill requirements. Our utmost importance is to keep our students safe while serving their communities. Once I receive information from your organization I will add your organization to our list of resources.

It will be up to the students to contact your organization. Students should come to you with a verification form that their parents have signed (feel free to download a sample form from our website). Someone from your organization will need to sign their form. If a form is not provided, please send the student a verification letter of the service they provided. The letter must include the dates of service, hours served, and a contact name and number to verify service. If you do not already do so, I would recommend keeping a log of students and hours for verification purposes.

We would welcome any brochures from your organization; they can be sent to the address above. Also, please feel free to email information on one-time events where students can get involved. I will keep your contact information on file for future opportunities.

Do you need student volunteers?

B-R can help...

We need the following information from you:

1. Type of service – what the volunteer will need to do

2. Date of service (or list on-going opportunities)

3. Time of service

4. Contact name

5. Contact phone number

If you could put together a flyer with your letterhead or a logo and send either by mail or via email, it will be posted on our community service board and website.

We cannot guarantee you volunteers, but we sure do have many students who need community service hours.

Jeff Sylvia
Community Service Administrator
508-697-6902 Fax: 508-279-2110   Ext: 11123