George Mitchell Elementary RDA Report



Welcome to the B-R Plus Portal



Q: What is PlusPortals?

A: PlusPortals is a cloud-based application integrated with the B-R student information system.  This application provides access to student class pages which include homework, grades and progress reports.  It also makes available access to school-wide information such as event dates & weekly bulletin updates.

Q: How do I access PlusPortals?

A: If you have a current email address on record with B-R, you will receive an email with login instructions.  Your email address is your user id so keep in mind if you share an email as a family you will have one login account.  A B-R student in grades 5-12 will be assigned an individual PlusPortal account as teachers use the portal to provide homework assignments.

Q: What information is available to the Parent?

A: Upon login you will have access to a home page dashboard which will display a pictorial chart of your student(s).  From there you can link to an individual student’s dashboard by clicking the "More…" button.  The home page dashboard also includes school specific announcements and information.

Q: What information is available on my student’s dashboard?

A: This dashboard will display course information, including grades and recent homework assignments.  It allows you to view your students schedule and link to more detailed course information.  It also provides a venue for teachers and students to exchange homework.

Q:  What is the difference between report card grades and scores?

A:  Progress Reports (grades 5-12) are posted at midterm and Report Cards are posted at the end of each term.  Scores are shown when a teacher has completed grading an assignment and enters it into their GradeBook.  Scores are real-time, meaning they can be viewed by the parent as soon as the teacher has completed grading the assignment and enters the score for that assignment.

Q:  Occasionally I will notice missing information or information not available messages?  What does that mean?

A:  The system is still under development and future features are continually being added.

Q:  How do I contact my students’ teacher?

A:  You can email your students’ teacher via the "email & messages" tab located on your home page in the Portal.  Simply create a new email, select "add recipient" and choose the teacher you would like to email. 

Q:   What information is available to the Student?

A:   The student dashboard is similar to the parent however it will be specific to the individual student rather than the entire family.

Q:   What happens if I cannot access the Portal site?

A:   As with any internet access, sometimes connections are severed.  Please close your browser window and reopen to access PlusPortals.  Occasionally you may have to wait a few minutes before you reattempt a login.

Q:  Who do I contact with questions?

A:  If your questions are PlusPortals specific, please refer to the link above for an interactive guide to using PlusPortals.  If your questions are grade specific, please contact your student’s teacher.  If you or your student would like a PlusPortal account setup, please contact the appropriate office and provide an updated email address along with the request. If you have any further questions regarding PlusPortals, please continue to watch this page and your home dashboard for future feature information.